The Quilt Worth Risking

quilt pic for blog

I completed this quilt for my grandmothers 70th birthday.  So much thought went into this quilt I can’t even begin to explain it.  Now because I’m fairly new to quilting I always get so nervous about cutting my fabric.  It’s like drawing a beautiful portrait and then scribbling all over it until it’s completely ruined! One mess up with the rotary cutter, (at least I think), and it’s all OVER. Ha. So I sucked it up, and went for it! I cut the pieces I needed, very efficiently I might add, and it turned out to be this amazing quilt that I couldn’t be happier with! And the bonus was that my grandmother loved it as well.

My thought: So although it might seem impossible, and it might seem as if you could literally mess everything up…don’t let that keep you from trying.  Whether that’s completing a quilt or taking a risk in another area of your life.  I mean, we only live once right?


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