Flash Backs


   I realize this is not quilting related but I just had to share my flash back experience.  I was walking in Books-A-Million the other day (I know, a book store right?) and I pass, “The Giver” by Lois Lowry.  I had the most intense flash back of when I was in middle school.  The story goes like this; I was dreading school..like in the worst way possible.  So I walk into my middle school carrying so much stress, when I hear our teacher say, “Okay class we are going to take a trip to the library where you will need to pick out one book and write a report on it at the end of this week”.  I could have died! I walk into this (what seemed to be) huge library and see (what seemed to be) millions of books.  After walking around for (what seemed to be) hours trying to find the “right” one….I found, “The Giver”. This book became more than just a book to me.  It was like an adventure that I took myself on to get away from the stress of middle school and how scary it could be to me at times.  Needles to say, my report was flawless and I received an A.

My Thought: Although there are things in life that seem absolutely terrifying, don’t ever let that stop you from trying.  Sometimes you may just find the diamond in the rough that could change your whole perspective!


Oh, and here’s the link to this book if you ever want to give it a shot 🙂 I’m a grown woman and still love re-reading it!


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