My First Donated Quilt


    I’m so happy to share my very first donated quilt with everyone! WOW! It feels so good to finish something so amazing and then to donate it to a well deserving place! This pattern is called, “Swoon” and it is sold by Thimble Blossom’s.  You can purchase the pattern at the link below.  I absolutely loved how this quilt turned out! Not only did it turn out beautifully, but I was able to complete it with an amazing co-worker.  BONUS! I must say though, I was pretty nervous about cutting shapes that weren’t rectangles or squares! Ha! But after my teacher (co-worker) worked with me and basically calmed me down, it really started to come together.  I’ve got to admit though, she did most of the work.  Nevertheless, we had fun doing it and that’s what really matters!

My thought: Don’t ever NOT complete something you’ve started just because you’re afraid you’ll mess it up.  If you’re not good at something, keep practicing at it! Something to also try, is working with a friend on a pattern you’re really nervous about!  Working with someone who knows their stuff can teach you something and be so much fun in the process! What have you got to lose!


Here’s the link to purchase the beautiful pattern you see above:

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