#NewHouse #NewStudio #NewDog

Hello!! Wow am I glad to be back! I do have to apologize for taking so long to update my blog.  It has been a crazy few months! We have moved into our first home…I can officially say, “I am a homeowner”. AND….We have a new addition to the family. : )


This is Colt. He is the most precious dog and we are so happy to have him in our family.  He loves to run, eat, and play with his big brother Leo.



I just can’t stop talking about my dogs so just scroll all the way down and you’ll get to the actual sewing/quilting part.  LOL. SO. With a new house obviously comes a new sewing space.  At first I was so overwhelmed because I could do anything I wanted to with this space…ITS MINE! 🙂 (Is that selfish?) There were so many ideas running through my head! And don’t even get me started on the things I pinned on my Pinterest board! lol! So of coarse I HAD to share my space with everyone in hopes that there’s a few things you might want to try in your space! Or even some ideas you might have for me?

This is where creativity comes to life.
This is where creativity comes to life.


The spot where I spend the most time.
                                      The spot where I spend the most time.

Now that my space has been set up, and the house is…well, kind of in order; I can FINALLY get quilting! I’m not sure if you have ever felt this way, but sometimes my life gets so crazy busy that my passion gets put on the back burner. WELL NO MORE! lol. Stay tuned to my next blog post where I will be showing you what new project I’m making!

Please let me know if there’s anything you see that interest’s you and I will do my best to explain how I made it. As always, Happy Quilting! 🙂



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