Just Swooning Around

Today I finally got around to not only updating my blog, but updating a blog post! I must really be on it lately! ; ) (big thanks if you’re taking the time to still keep up with this blog)

I wanted to share with you my finished swoon quilt pictured below. With the loads of procrastination I did, life, and just being crazy busy…this bad boy took me all of 7 months to finish!

I definitely enjoyed the process though for sure! I’ve learned that I can’t always rush my quilts to the finish line.  When I do that, I find that I don’t really enjoy the “making” process of it all.

And here she is in all her beauty…


We live pretty close to the country and the day we got these photo’s could not have been more perfect!

I will admit though, that this is not my fence nor my property (teehee).  So to the very kind people who allowed me to utilize their fencing for about 5 minutes….thank you oh so very much! ; )

And to finish this out, here’s more photo’s that I think you might enjoy…

image2Me with the swoon quilt


You can purchase the Swoon Pattern by Thimble Blossoms <—–Here.


And as always, thanks for stopping by! -Kristen

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